A Letter from Mirai Team

(See link to the donation page below)

Dear #miraiheroes,

We have a great opportunity ahead of us.

A few days ago the MIRAI — SaveTheFuture project was launched,

but you already knew that because you were witnessing it live, in the front row with us.

In less than 48 hours, MIRAI reached a capitalization peak of approximately $ 15 million and a symbolic price revaluation of 6,800%.

But you already knew that because you were there with wide eyes in front of the monitor, next to us.

Maybe you weren’t expecting it either, but obviously, all this was bound to happen …

And here you are, being part of the most important moment of Mirai history.

Yes, we are just born, yes, we are just over 4,000 Hodlers and 12000 weekly users around the world.

A small group, indeed.

However, we are the butterfly effect that will cause a green hurricane.

Whereas many talk about the Moon and Mars, we are focused on the most crucial thing that will get us up there: the Earth.

We have an exceptional foundation capable of generating token-sustainable economies that will bring those who have a true vision of the future onto a whole new level.

By no means are we perfect, but trust me when I say that we have abandoned all unnecessary, superfluous things in order to fully embrace this vision.

The vision of MIRAI — Save The Future starts from our relationships, those of the team, those of the people who surround us, our relationship with you.

As you had the chance to observe, when it comes to communication, our transparency is total; in line with our unwavering loyalty to the project and our commitment to success.

After all, you know what they say — “ a man does not need all the riches of the world if he loses himself to accumulate.”

So let’s give a deeper and more authentic meaning to the technology that fills our lives, let’s allow it to serve man and the Earth.

Help us accelerate this path we are embarking on and to set our feet onto the most important exchanges out there…Let’s go and make an impact on as many people as possible in the next 3 months.

It will be your indelible imprint in the future.

What you can do

Donate BNB and receive 1 random MIRAI NFT. Keep it, this NFT will hold surprises for you.

Click here [https://donations.savefuturecoin.com/]

*We recommend you use a desktop-based browser.

What’s our goal

150–200 BNB

How donations will be used

  • Listing of $MIRAI on the following exchanges in progress: Whitebit, Bitmart, and Bitfinex
  • Increase of liquidity pool to avoid too marked price fluctuations.
  • Buy-back & and burn more $MIRAIi every month
  • Acceleration of the completion of the green dex Owl House exchange powered by Bibipom.
  • Increased marketing budget and product inventory.

How you will benefit

  • Growth of Mirai
  • Join the private discord group of founders
  • VIP passes to worldwide NFT events
  • Fastline customer care

#miraiheroes #supportmirai

The Mirai Team.

Click here [https://donations.savefuturecoin.com/]




We expedite the ideation, creation & adoption of sustainable products while building the infrastructure & incentives for the exponential growth of Ecology.

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SaveFuture Protocol (powered by Mirai Labs)

SaveFuture Protocol (powered by Mirai Labs)

We expedite the ideation, creation & adoption of sustainable products while building the infrastructure & incentives for the exponential growth of Ecology.

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